Bamboo fibers: the wonders of CleanBamboo®

CleanBamboo® fabric
Published by: Tocco | March 18th, 2024

What led Ettitude to pioneer the development of CleanBamboo®, and how does this innovation reflect your commitment to environmental sustainability?

Our founder Phoebe Yu was in the market for bedding and could not find an eco-friendly solution at the time, having a background in the textile trade she decided to develop a more sustainable solution.

This leads her to create and commercialise our CleanBamboo® Lyocell fiber technology. We have commercialized, scaled, and grown our business through our own DTC brand over the last 10 years and recently expanded to sell our textiles to the broader market to exponentially scale the positive impact of our fibers.

Can you describe the non-toxic closed-loop system Ettitude employs in the production of CleanBamboo® and its benefits over traditional textile manufacturing processes?

We use food-grade organic solvents for the dissolution of the cellulosic fibers. The solvents and water are recaptured through an advanced closed-loop recycling system that evaporates, separates, and reintroduces the solvents and clean water back into the process up to 200 times. This dramatically reduces our virgin resources and reduces our waste water impact releasing only 2% of clean water in the process.

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