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We are looking to partner with others who share our vision. If sleeping better, living naturally, and caring for our planet are important to you, we’d love to hear from you. While each partnership is unique, below are a few ways we can collaborate together.

A regenerative future starts here, together.


Interested in purchasing CleanBamboo® fabric?

We offer a versatile range of available next-generation textiles for purchase or can work with your teams and suppliers to develop custom textiles specific to your brand's needs.

About ettitude

Awaken Positive Change

We are reimagining luxury to not only sustain, but to revitalize and uplift people and planet.

We’re a fabric innovation company and a lifestyle brand making the world’s softest, most sustainable materials with our patented and carbon neutral CleanBamboo® fibers.

CleanBamboo is a lyocell made from bamboo, and uses absolutely zero toxic chemicals in the process, unlike all other bamboo fabrics on the market made using viscose or rayon technology.

Our materials are 100% natural for a thriving, healthier way of life (for you, your family and the earth).


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