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Ettitude’s Dermatologist-Recommended Bedding for Women’s Health

Ettitude’s Dermatologist-Recommended Bedding

Published by: Life & Style Magazine | March 18, 2024

From Toxic to Non-Toxic: Ettitude’s Dermatologist-Recommended Bedding for Women’s Health

While there is a growing consumer awareness about clean eating and cosmetics, the significance of non-toxic bedding is often overlooked. While this is concerning for all consumers, who spend a substantial amount of time in contact with their bedding, typically around eight hours per day, this is particularly concerning for women. Due to the toxins in traditional cotton and microfiber sheets, standard bedding can have profound effects on women’s health.

On average, women tend to have more sensitive skin than men, making them more susceptible to the adverse effects of toxic substances in bedding. Exposure to these toxins can exacerbate skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, leading to irritation, rashes, and disrupted sleep. Moreover, women’s hormonal fluctuations, especially during menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause, can heighten their sensitivity to these harmful substances.

What are the non-toxic bedding options out there?
Phoebe Yu and Kat Dey, founders of ettitude, embarked on their entrepreneurial journey with a clear mission: to provide consumers, especially other women, with luxury non-toxic bedding that considers their health and as well as the health of our planet. 

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