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Frequently Asked Questions

Bamboo Sleep Accessories: Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bamboo accessories does ettitude sell?

ettitude sells various accessories, including bamboo bathroom sets that contain bathrobes and towels. Our towels and robes offer a soft, luxurious feel and help your skin dry quickly by drawing moisture away. Keep cozy in waffle robe when preparing for the day or take them while traveling.

Want to improve your sleep quality after a relaxing bath? Try our bamboo sleep accessories, including our light-blocking bamboo sleep mask designed to promote better sleep with soft, breathable, and gentle bamboo.

Are bath and sleep bamboo accessories sustainable?

All ettitude bath and sleep accessories are made from regenerative bamboo and other sustainable materials. For example, our bathroom set is made from bamboo instead of cotton. Unlike cotton products, ettitude’s bamboo bathroom accessories are softer, more breathable, and free from toxic chemicals. Plus, they use 98% less water during production!

How much do bamboo accessories cost?

The cost of bamboo accessories depends on the item you’re purchasing. For example, our bamboo Sateen Eye Mask costs $24, while our Pillowcase Set costs $54 in standard size.

Can bamboo accessories help me sleep better?

Yes, bamboo accessories can improve your sleep quality. Bamboo is a silky-soft material that’s breathable and moisture-wicking, making it an excellent option for hot sleepers. Our bamboo bedding and sleep accessories can help you get a good night's rest by keeping you cool and dry.

What can I pair bamboo accessories with?

Pair your bamboo accessories with our soft, hypoallergenic, and breathable bedding options. ettitude bamboo bedding is designed to keep you comfortable and provide a cooling effect, thanks to the breathable weave that cools and regulates your body temperature.

Our bamboo loungewear can also help you stay comfortable in bed and out. Shop Sateen Slip Dresses, Shorties, Robes, and more for a luxurious night at home.

What sleep accessories can help me fall asleep?

Sleep accessories are items that can help you fall and stay asleep. One of the best sleep accessories is an eye mask that blocks light to improve your quality of rest. Controlling the light in your environment can improve your circadian rhythm and aid in producing melatonin (an essential hormone for sleep).

Bamboo is also naturally breathable, so your eye mask can keep your face cool, making it ideal for hot sleepers.

What types of accessories for sleep does ettitude sell?

ettitude sells various accessories to help you sleep better, including our popular bamboo eye mask made with soft CleanBamboo®. The eye mask is lightly padded with RPET filling crafted from recycled plastic bottles.

Our accessories for sleep are made from bamboo, a soft, breathable fabric that’s also sustainable. If you want to improve your sleep, check out our bamboo bedding and loungewear collection.

Are ettitude sleep accessories hypoallergenic?

Our accessories for better sleep are made from hypoallergenic bamboo fabric that's resistant to dust mites, mold, and odors. Bamboo fabric is also breathable, which may prevent skin irritation due to sweat. Plus, all ettitude products are free from harmful chemicals, so those with sensitive skin can enjoy the luxury of silky-soft bamboo bedding.

If you love bamboo, try our bath essentials to elevate your self-care routine outside the bedroom.