ettitude feels like a good night’s sleep

Bamboo sheets that are next-level soft, sustainable, and perform in bed
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CleanBamboo™ is scientifically proven to improve sleep.
94% of people prefer us over competitors. Ready to feel the difference?

Why sleep with us?


Bamboo is better in bed

ettitude sheets aren’t like your stuffy old cotton sheets (or like any others for that matter). ettitude bedding is made from our patented carbon neutral CleanBamboo™ that’s scientifically proven to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling more alert.

Ready to get the eight hours of ZZZs you deserve?

CleanBamboo™ sheets feel like a good night’s sleep

More breathable

17% better temp-regulation so you don’t wake up hot and bothered.

Sweat-free sleep

24% faster at wicking away sweat to keep you comfy all night.

Better for the planet

Uses 98% less water and 38% less carbon than cotton sheets.


18% higher pilling resistance & 51% more durable for stress-free care.

Preferred over other fabrics