How we’re helping to heal the ocean

This Giving Week, we’ve partnered with SeaTrees by Sustainable Surf to support their Kelp reforestation project in California, in partnership with The Bay Foundation.

Every order placed this week will restore one square foot of Kelp forest, regenerating marine ecosystems and absorbing carbon emissions.

Restoring kelp forests is critical to solving climate change. How? Known as “blue carbon sinks”, 1,000 sqft of restored kelp will sequester one ton (1,000kg) of CO2 over 25 years.


The power of kelp

Carbon sequestering: Kelp absorbs up to 10 times more carbon per acre than land forests. 

Protecting marine life: Kelp forests provide habitat and food for over 700 species of algae, invertebrates, and fish.

Fasted growing organisms: Kelp grows up to 60 times faster than other land-based crops at about two feet per day (a close second to bamboo which grows up to 2.91 feet per day)!

Supporting Community: SeaTrees employs out-of-work fishermen to restore the underwater forest.