We are ettitude.innovation - a materials science company that offers our patented and carbon neutral CleanBamboo™ (bamboo lyocell) textile solutions to B2B partners. We offer both available textiles as well as custom development options from yarn to finished goods.

Our fabrics, processes, and solutions are rooted in nature and regeneration, and we have the stats to prove it.

All impact metrics are supported by our 3rd party LCA data from BCOME.

Meet CleanBamboo™

The Fabric of Our Future™ vs. cotton

0% toxic chemicals

Uses 38% less CO2

Uses 99% less water

Contains 0% synthetics

100% biodegradable

Made in a closed-loop process


Why bamboo?

Bamboo is abundant, regenerative, grows with 100% rain water, and does not require pesticides. 


As it grows, bamboo enriches the soil with nutrients and removes toxins, leaving the earth healthier than before. 

Cleans the air

Bamboo naturally fights climate change, absorbing 2.03 metric tons of CO2 per hectare, per year.


Not all bamboo fabrics are equal

CleanBamboo™ is the only bamboo fabric that uses zero harmful chemicals. We use a non-toxic solvent and recycle 98% of the solution up to 200 times.

Compared to bamboo viscose/rayon, CleanBamboo:

Uses 20% less water

Uses 41% less CO2

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Our innovative fibers. Your next-generation products.

We can transform our versatile CleanBamboo™ fibers into a variety of luxuriously soft, durable products that support the health of our planet.