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Sateen Bedding

Frequently Asked Questions


What is sateen bedding?

Sateen bedding uses a type of weave that creates a silky sheen that’s soft to the touch and gentle on skin and hair. Sateen bedding sets are typically thicker and more tightly woven than other materials which makes them feel high quality. In addition, sateen bedding offers a buttery softness, unlike any other material. As a result, sateen sheets and bedding look and feel luxurious to give you your best sleep every single night. Shop our bamboo lyocell bedding collection to find your next favorite bamboo sateen duvet cover or sateen sheets.

Sateen Vs. cotton bedding

Looking for breathable and soft bedding? Cotton sheets are known for their softness and durability. They’re breathable and absorbent, resistant to wear and smooth. However, they typically start coarse and require delicate care. And, even though cotton is breathable, it’s not as cooling as bamboo sateen bedding.

Sateen sheets and sateen duvet covers have a heavier weave than other types of fabrics but are much softer. Some people believe that sateen sheets are warmer than other types of bedding, but bamboo is a naturally breathable, cool material that prevents you from overheating at night. Bamboo sateen bedding sets are soft and silky with a delicate sheen that invites you into bed each night. Bamboo sateen sheets also get softer with every wash and are easy to care for.

Is sateen bedding hot?

Some forms of sateen bedding are hot. However, it all depends on the material. Sateen is a weave, not a material. For instance, you can have cotton or bamboo sateen. Both materials offer softness, but bamboo is cooler to the touch than cotton and offers better breathability. Bamboo sateen bedding is also moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating. So, if you sweat in your sleep, your bamboo sateen sheets will keep you dry and comfortable.

Because bamboo is 17% more temperature-regulating than other sheets, it makes a great material for bedding all year. In addition, it can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, for body temperature control all year. Elevate your sleepwear as well with our sateen loungewear.