Hi! We're ettitude. We make the world's softest, cloud-like bedding
with organic bamboo to give you that satisfying, snuggled up feeling.

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It's time to upgrade your sheets and invest in sleep.

Meet our world's first 100% organic bamboo lyocell fabric.

Our fabric is made with a closed-loop system that
recycles and reuses water up to 200 times,
recycling 98% of water in the process.

Our patented bamboo lyocell is exceptionally soft.
It makes 1000-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets
feel like sandpaper.

Our bedding is ultra breathable, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and easy to care for. 

Experience the ettitude difference.
Find the perfect bamboo sheets of your dreams.

Bamboo Lyocell

Our bestselling proprietary fabric made with 100% organic bamboo lyocell.
Known as the 'vegan silk' -- it is extremely soft
and smooth, breathable and hypoallergenic.
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Bamboo Charcoal

By blending bamboo charcoal powder into our lyocell fabric,
this special weave helps eliminate unwanted odours, wicks away
sweat and stays fresh for longer.
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Bamboo Twill

Bamboo twill’s heavier construction gives the fabric a luxurious draping effect.
Its diagonal weave allows breathability and cooling benefits.
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“Feel like you’re being cocooned by a zillion kittens.”

“Favourite anti-ageing pillowcases, hands down.”

“Haven't needed melatonin since first sleep on ettitude sheets!”

“Wicks away sweat up to 50% faster than cotton. Goodbye marked sheets.”
Tuck into bed with us.
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