Get to know us

Here at ettitude, we’re a diverse team from around the world, all of whom share a genuine and authentic connection to the same mission: reimagining luxury to not only sustain, but to revitalize and uplift people and planet.

Sustainability is the watchword for everything we do. We don’t just make sustainable products, we also support sustainable relationships, work practices, and lifestyles.

Meet the team

Phoebe Yu, CEO

"I founded the company with "eco-attitude" because I wanted sustainable, luxurious, and highly functional home products, and I couldn't find that on the market. So I developed my own and launched ettitude 10 years ago."

Kat Dey, Co-Founder & President

"I fell in love with ettitude sheets when Phoebe sent them to be back in 2018 and I had the best sleep of my life. They were the softest I had ever slept on, so luxurious and breathable."

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