Nice to meet you, we’re ettitude

ettitude | noun | eco-attitude | living with an eco-attitude

We're a fabric innovation and lifestyle brand making the world's softest, most sustainable materials with our proprietary CleanBamboo™.

So, what does it mean to live with an eco-attitude? We’ll let our values do the talking.

Ennovative (eco-innovation) with our fabrics and processes that are rooted in nature and regeneration.

Conscious of our impact on our planet, our community and educating those around us.

Optimistic for change and proactively helping to better our earth’s future.


From our founders

"ettitude is on a mission to create next-generation fabrics and products that reduce our impact on the planet. We’re here to make a material difference in the home and textiles industries for a more sustainable, regenerative future for all."


ettitude ethos


To contribute to a regenerative future for all. 


To be a leader in the regenerative movement and create change for a better planet.


To consciously create innovative textiles that are functional, have a positive impact on our earth and are made with regenerative, natural resources.


Creating a regenerative future

It’s not enough to create eco-friendly products anymore. We need to give back to the earth. That’s why we use natural resources, like bamboo, that can be regenerated and support the health of our planet. 

Self-regeneration is also at our core. Our products are scientifically proven to improve sleep to help you feel more revitalized and energized. So, you can wake up and help fight climate change.