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Frequently Asked Questions


Are bamboo crib sheets safe for babies?

Bamboo crib sheets are safe for babies and may offer even more benefits compared to other fabrics. Bamboo is a naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic fabric that can prevent allergies while feeling smooth on the skin. Bamboo crib bedding is also moisture-wicking, preventing moisture buildup that can lead to allergens. Ultimately, with fewer bacteria and allergies like dust, bamboo crib sheets are a safe alternative to other materials like silk and synthetic fabric. 

Are bamboo crib sheets good for babies’ skin?

A bamboo crib sheet is a perfect addition to any nursery. Bamboo is a breathable material, making it an excellent choice for babies who tend to overheat or those who live in warm climates. The breathability of bamboo crib sheets is also ideal for babies with sensitive skin as they can help keep rashes clean and dry and prevent skin irritation. Because bamboo is soft to the touch, it won’t aggravate your little one’s delicate and sensitive skin while they sleep. 

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Are bamboo crib sheets breathable?

Our bamboo crib sheets are breathable and cooling. The breathable weave allows air to pass through the sheets easily and lets your baby’s natural body heat escape to prevent them from becoming too warm at night. A bamboo crib sheet gives your young one a cooling layer on top of their crib mattress for the comfiest naps imaginable. 

How often should you wash bamboo crib sheets?

Bamboo crib sheets should be washed as often as other crib sheets. It’s recommended to wash your crib sheet at least every two weeks. You may need to wash your sheets more, depending on how often they get dirtied. Bamboo crib sheets are durable enough for the washing machine and get softer with every wash. 

When washing your bamboo crib bedding, use cold water and the gentle or delicate cycle to prevent shrinking. You can dry your sheets on a line or in the dryer on low heat, depending on your preference. When drying your fitted sheets, be careful not to use a dryer ball to prevent pilling. If possible, it’s best to wash and dry your bamboo crib sheet by itself or with like fabrics to prevent friction and pilling. 

Remember, it’s always best to have at least four crib sheets so your baby’s crib always has a non-toxic, hypoallergenic sheet ready for their next dreamy sleep.