Softer than silk

As lush as 1000 thread count sheets for your comfiest sleep yet


Naturally cooling

Our breathable weave lets you snooze sweat-free all night long


Better for the planet

Our sheets use 99% less water & 38% less carbon than cotton


Backed by science

94% of people prefer sleeping in ettitude. And, so will you.

Meet CleanBamboo™ the fabric of our future


20,000+ 5-star reviews

Review stars

“I had no idea what they would actually feel like, but I took a chance. I could not be happier. These are the best sheets I’ve ever had. They are so deliciously soft, without feeling slippery. I love how it feels to get into my bed.”

Jody R.
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“I look forward to slipping into this after every shower. The fabric is absolutely amazing, absorbent, quick drying and seems to always smell good. I was never a robe-after-shower person before, but this one is a game changer. Worth every penny.”

Maris Y.
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“I don’t wear silk but have been waiting for pajamas that are a close match. Cotton just doesn’t cut it. I’m hooked!”

Henna S.
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Why sleep with us?


Bamboo is better in bed

You can expect something different with ettitude bedding. ettitude sheets are made from our exclusive CleanBamboo® fabric that’s luxuriously soft, as sustainable as hemp, and 17% more cooling than other bamboo and cotton sheets.

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