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Frequently Asked Questions


Are bamboo towels good?

Bamboo towels are soft and plush while also extremely durable and absorbent. With bamboo waffle towels, there’s no need to aggressively rub your skin until it’s dry. Its unique honeycomb design quickly draws moisture from the skin to help avoid unnecessary skin irritation. Naturally hypoallergenic and gentle, bamboo towels are a great alternative for individuals with skin allergies and sensitive skin.

You can even use bamboo towels to dry your hair without causing damage. Bamboo is a soft material, ideal for curly or frizz-prone hair. Check out our selection of bath towelswaffle bathrobes and waffle hair towels to pamper yourself as you deserve. Or turn your entire bathroom into a private, sustainable oasis with our waffle towel set.

Are bamboo towels eco-friendly?

Bamboo towels are made from regenerative and sustainable bamboo grown without pesticides or harmful chemicals. Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable crop that’s fast-growing and self-regenerates, requiring no replanting. When compared to cotton (which requires mass amounts of freshwater and labor) bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly options for bath towels.

Bamboo towels Vs. cotton towels

Bamboo and cotton are often compared because they’re both soft materials. However, bamboo towels are more absorbent than cotton, making them better for bath towels. Bamboo towels are also gentle, allowing you to dry off quickly without irritating your skin. Bamboo bath towels are also antibacterial, which prevents moisture and mildew, so they don’t need to be washed as often as cotton towels. Bamboo towels are softer and more luxurious than cotton while remaining durable and resisting shrinkage.

Bamboo bathrobes are made from the same material as our bamboo bath towels. Dry off quickly and stay cozy as you get ready for the day or do your self-care routine in a waffle bathrobe. Both bamboo bath towels and bathrobes are allergy and sensitive-skin friendly, making them an ideal choice for those with easily irritated skin or those allergic to synthetic fabrics.

What are ettitude’s bamboo standards?

ettitude’s bamboo bath towels and bamboo bathrobes are made from 100% responsibly-sourced bamboo (and so are our bedding and loungewear)! Bamboo doesn’t require pesticides, making it more sustainable than cotton. Our products are also OEKO-TEX certified to ensure our materials are safe for you to use. We’re dedicated to creating healthy, environmentally-friendly and non-toxic products. That’s why we rely on the natural benefits of bamboo.