An end of day reward because you deserve it. A necessary reset to let you feel and be your best.

ettitude: the secret sleep sauce for over half a million dreamers. We're confident it'll revolutionize your zzz's, but don’t just take our word for it.

Replacing Couples Counseling

Find a middle ground in bed. Our temperature-regulating bedding accommodates both hot and cold sleepers, transforming a restless night into a peaceful one, fostering a stronger bond between partners.

Krystal S.

“I have not slept better in my entire life! My husband who tends to sweat at night, and I tend to get cold, have finally struck a perfect balance with these silky, soft sateen sheets.”

Madeline R.

“These sheets are incredibly soft and much better at keeping me and my partner cool than regular cotton sheets. On laundry day I changed the sheets back to our old cotton sheets and my boyfriend was so unhappy with how rough the cotton sheets felt after sleeping on our new sheets from Ettitude that he asked me to change them back the next day. Needless to say, I ordered a second set to avoid that problem in the future.”

Ashley B.

“I have had my eye on these babies for months. I finally treated myself as a Christmas gift. Best gift I've received in years! The sheets have saved my marriage! They keep my husband warm and keep me cool at night. Plus, they feel like pure luxury!! Don't put off getting these another day.”

Hot Flashes & Night Sweats

Breeze through menopause nights. With 17% greater breathability and 24% faster moisture wicking, you wake up feeling revived and recharged.

Meg M.

“These are a godsend for menopause. Even my husband can’t believe how comfortable they are and the temperature is now just perfect and night sweats are much more manageable. Really great.”

Kathryn H.

“Love love love them. These are the most softest gorgeous sheets ever and they are so amazing. My body temperature changes as I’m going through menopause and since purchasing these beautiful sheets it has helped me with my sleeping as I’m not kicking the bedding off me now. They are so soft and silky and they are still amazingly soft after.”

Jo S.

“I ended up buying the sheet set and loved it! Definitely sleeping cooler and not noticing as many hot flushes - great for women going through menopause. Will definitely be buying more, so many gorgeous colours to choose from.”

Making Happy Parents

From pregnancy hormones through those endless nights full of baby (and toddler) wakings, our bedding will give you and the little ones the boost needed to catch just a bit more of that extra sleep you so desperately need.

Rumer W.

“Your sheets have been the only ones that haven’t bothered my skin while I’ve been pregnant.”

Robin G.

“We decided to purchase two new sets of sheets for our children and they LOVE them. They commented on getting to sleep faster than the cotton sheets and they love the feel of the sheets (directly worded from the youngsters!)”

Prudence M.

“Part of a lovely set I gave to a friend who is a new mom. Nice to help restore her after a difficult preemie birth. She loved them.”

Better For Sensitive Skin

Create a hypoallergenic haven. Our silky-soft, sensorial fabric innovation designed for sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

Fran C.

“Bought the sheet for my granddaughter who suffers from eczema. Sheet cool and soft so it doesn’t scratch her sensitive skin.”

Jamie W.

“I love these ettitude sheets! I have also noticed my hair and skin look healthier since the fabric is hypoallergenic and free of toxic chemicals. I could not imagine going back to cotton. Plus I love supporting eco-friendly brands.”

Pilar B.

“Sooo soft! I stopped breaking out immediately after switching to this pillowcase.”

Never Overwhelming

A soothing and comforting sensory experience. Our buttery soft, beyond comfy bedding & bath offer a calming tactile experience, creating a gentle sleep environment for those with sensory challenges​.

Victoria S.

"These sheets really help to keep me the right temperature at night. I struggle with temp regulation due to dysautonomia, and these have really helped. Now I’m coming back to buy a comforter so I can have the whole experience! In addition, they’re super softness and comfortable— i have sensory issues and these have made sleeping much easier."

Erika B.

“I just wanted to share, my son that is on the autism spectrum is amazed at the washcloths already (he has major sensory issues with textures and finding things "soft enough" that still clean etc "but don't hurt" are always a challenge). He has now promptly claimed the ones I ordered, so I guess I will be ordering more already! Your products are an instant (like package has been here for 10 minutes, instant) hit in our household! Thank you for offering amazing products!”

Erin S.

"My teenage daughter is Autistic and experiences sensory overwhelm. It is important to her to have beautiful sheets and sleep well. These sheets are a higher price than I would ordinarily pay for linen, however they are worth it. We now have 2 sets. She loves the pillow cases. They are beautiful quality, wash well and look gorgeous."

Enjoying Sleep Without Allergies

A game-changer for anyone who sneezes more than they sleep. Our antimicrobial fabrics resist odors, wick away moisture, and reduce bacteria by 99.9%. Naturally hypoallergenic and repels common allergens like dust mites and mold.

Peter A.

“We absolutely love our new duvet cover. It feels so soft. Also, seems to really help with my allergy (I'm allergic to dust mites). Can't believe it took me so long to find this product.”

Joshua G.

“Really happy with this towel - I have chemical sensitivities and have been having a hard time finding things that aren't problematic but this doesn't bother me at all. It's also just incredibly absorbent and so far isn't fraying like some other bamboo towels I've used. I'd definitely recommend it."

Robyn C.

“We love our quilt cover, it’s so soft and is really warm this winter which is a great bonus! My partner has hayfever problems but this cover is really lovely and his allergies have not played up at all.”

Changing Lives

Reclaim your well-being during tough times. Scientifically proven in sleep studies to help you sleep better & wake up energized, our sheets offer a supportive sleep solution for individuals facing health challenges.

Nicole J.

“I am a chronic insomniac, but these sheets help me sleep better. They are so soft and worth the money.”

Kristen C.

“Chemo approved: Bought the waffle towel set, the lyocell bamboo doona cover, fitted sheet and pillowcases for my father who is going through chemo and suffering from sensitive skin. He was amazed at how soft and light everything was and only wishes he could replace his linen cupboard with all ettitude towels and bedding!”

Sam W.

“I purchased the Bamboo Lyocell Fitted Sheet for my son as he has Cystic Fibrosis. He sweats a lot at night and has trouble sleeping so I gave your fitted sheet a try and it made a huge difference. So I now want to buy the full set of bedding! :)”

They Last For Years

Superior quality that sustains. CleanBamboo® is more durable than cotton, viscose, and Tencel (eucalyptus) fabrics and maintains comfort over time.

Alexa C.

“TL;DR these sheets wear beautifully and SO worth the investment. I've had these sheets in sage for 3 years and just ordered a second set as a backup, so I can see exactly how they've worn. I'm so happy. The new set is silkier, and the older set is more soft and broken-in. Both are equally comfortable and the color is almost exactly the same on both sets. They are pricey but they're my favorite thing about my bedroom.”

Myriam M.

“I honestly have nothing but good emotions when I go to bed and when I wake up. It's like heavenly sheets on earth! God probably uses this for his master bedroom. That's how amazing they are! Best investment on me and my body. My mood is so positive with bed sheets like this.”

Tanisha G.

“These are the most luxurious sheets I have ever slept upon and they are worth every penny. There is nothing better than waking up on these sheets and climbing into bed after a long day. I have the dark blue ones and they have gone through the wash with no issues and come out just as nice as before. Worth every penny, I only wish I had found these sheets sooner. I also got the duvet cover which is of equally high quality and just as satisfying.”

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