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What is Ecocert organic certification and why it matters

What is Ecocert organic certification and why it matters

ECOCERT is a well-known certification body based in France that inspects and certifies organic and environmentally friendly products. It certifies 150+ standards worldwide in the food, farming, forestry, textiles, cosmetics, and eco-products sectors. These highly respected and well-recognized certifications lead to better practices and marketplace recognition. With 30 years of experience in the audit and certification of organic products in more than 130 countries, Ecocert is the world's leading specialist in the certification of sustainable practices.

ettitude has the Organic Content Standard (OCS) Version 3.0 certification.

What is the purpose of the OCS certification?

The OCS certification allows for the traceability of your organic textiles worldwide. The OCS accepts only material from certified organic farms under one of IFOAM's (The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) Family of Standards.

What are the key guarantees of OCS?

  • Traceability is maintained throughout the production chain
  • Promotion of the use of fibers from organic agriculture
  • Transparent communication through labeling
  • Stakeholder commitment and engagement. The OCS is managed with the input of producers, suppliers, brands, and retailers worldwide.

There are two certification levels.

Level 1: OCS100

  • 95% minimum of certified organic fiber
  • 5% maximum additional fibers other than organic

Level 2: OCS blended

For products mixed with a 5% minimum of certified organic fiber

For which category of products?

Products composed of fibers, wool, fabrics, clothes, and upholstery fabrics, except leather products.

Who can get certified OCS?

Producers of raw materials, processors and textiles manufacturers, distributors, importers, brands, or any player in the textile sector.

The OCS certification helps companies verify their claims about the organic content of their products. It also gives organic fiber farmers access to the global organic market and aims to increase organic agricultural production by incentivizing farmers to go organic.

ettitude’s CleanBamboo® fiber has the OCS 100 certification. ettitude’s bamboo feedstock is grown organically, without pesticides or fertilizers. 

Why should you care?

Conventional bedding and apparel can contain over 1800 harmful chemicals. Many of these substances have been associated with various health risks, including cancer. It's worth noting that some of these harmful chemicals are residues from the pesticides and fertilizers used during the cultivation of the raw materials.