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Why Your Baby Needs Bamboo Crib Sheets

Bamboo Crib Sheets

Becoming a mom in 2018 awakened my urge to learn more about the everyday products I was using in my home, to make sure I was making the healthiest choices for my growing family. I wanted to find the safest foods, beauty products, sunscreens, cleaning supplies, air and water filters, you name it. I also realized that textiles can have a great deal of impact as well – both on my family’s health and as well as the health of our planet. 

That’s when I joined ettitude as a co founder, a material innovation company, with the goal to make the healthiest and most sustainable fabrics. I am pleased to share the findings from my 6 years at ettitude, diving into what’s healthy and sustainable in the textile market for you and your baby. 

Because babies spend most of their early life sleeping – up to 13-16 hours a day (and yet it still feels like you get zero rest as a parent!) – one of the most important things to consider is the quality of your baby's bedding. Cotton sheets have long been the go-to choice for parents, but there's a new contender in the market that's taking the world by storm – bamboo crib sheets. Let’s dive into why bamboo crib sheets are becoming increasingly popular and what type of certifications to look out for when searching for the best bamboo sheets for your baby. 

Soft and Comfortable

Bamboo sheets are incredibly soft and comfortable, which can lead to better quality sleep for your baby (and hopefully help you catch some zzz’s too!). They feel softer and smoother than cotton sheets, which can help soothe your baby and keep them calm throughout the night. If they have sensory overwhelm, the smooth texture of this soft fabric can help mitigate it.

Breathable Fabric

One of the main reasons why bamboo crib sheets are so popular is because of their breathability. Bamboo fabric enables better airflow, which helps regulate body temperature during sleep. This is especially important during the hot summer months when babies are more prone to heat rash and other skin irritations. Bamboo sheets are also great at keeping your baby warm during the colder months. 


Bamboo crib sheets prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, which can cause skin irritations and infections. Also, unlike conventional cotton, bamboo is grown without pesticides or fertilizer, making it an eco-friendly and healthy choice as a textile feedstock. However, be sure to look out for the processing method used to create the final bamboo fabric. Viscose/rayon methods of processing bamboo require harsh chemicals, vs. the lyocell process, such as ettitude CleanBamboo®, uses only food-grade solvents, making bamboo lyocell fabrics an excellent choice for babies. This is why ettitude bedding is dermatologist-recommended as the safest bedding, especially for sensitive skin.

Look out for certifications such as OEKO-TEX® Class I, which is “Safe For Babies”. Since ettitude is not yet making baby swaddles or onesies, I recommend looking for GOTS-certified organic cotton. While organic cotton won’t have the soft, smooth & breathable nature of CleanBamboo®, at least it will be free of harmful chemicals, unlike other conventional materials.


Becoming a parent often awakens and intensifies our desire to leave a healthy and habitable planet for future generations. It sure did for me! While on this ettitude journey, I learned that textiles is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world, after oil, and as consumers, we contribute to this pollution by purchasing new conventional textiles used in apparel and home textiles, like bedding and towels, made with conventional cotton and polyester. 

Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource, making it an eco-friendly choice for parents who care about the environment. If you’re considering bamboo or eucalyptus, look out for fabrics that use FSC-certified feedstock (which means it was ethically sourced, vs. being cut down in indigenous lands or endangered forests). 

Also keep in consideration packaging and the end of life cycle of the products. Most fabrics made with natural fibers (no polyester/ microfiber blends!) are biodegradable. Keep an eye on the packaging as well. ettitude’s crib sheets come in useful drawstring bags made from biodegradable scrap fabric. 

Bamboo crib sheets are a great investment for any parent who wants to provide their baby with a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment. By choosing bamboo sheets, you're choosing a hypoallergenic, soft, and sustainable bedding option that will keep your baby comfortable and safe. 

Add ettitude CleanBamboo Crib Sheets, Crib Mattress Protector, and Baby Hooded Towel to your baby registry here! 

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