Ettitude’s CleanBamboo™ is a game changer. Crafted with lyocell made from 100% organic bamboo, this comfy and eco-friendly fabric is full of natural benefits. It’s softer, more cooling and cleaner than cotton, while needing less water to grow and produce.

Bamboo Lyocell

CleanBamboo™ is our breakthrough fabric. Lyocell fabric made from 100% organic bamboo, this material is cloud-soft, cooling, and sustainable. While traditional lyocell is made from wood, ours is made from bamboo — the most resource-efficient plant on the planet. The process is simple: we crush the bamboo into a pulp, dissolve it in non-toxic solvent to create a fiber using a closed-loop system saving 98% of the water, and then spin it into yarn. The result is a magical fabric that shares the feel and texture of silk without being as shiny or slick, while getting softer with every wash.
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Bamboo Charcoal Lyocell

Together, bamboo charcoal and lyocell are a dynamic duo that safeguard your sheets for long-lasting freshness. The porous structure of bamboo charcoal powder absorbs unwanted odors and wicks away moisture way faster than old-school cotton!
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Bamboo Twill

Bamboo Twill is more durable and slightly heavier than our signature CleanBamboo™ fabric, which uses a silk-like sateen weave. Twill, identified by a diagonal rib or twill line, is a lot like the weave on a pair of jeans – it is tight, short and very fine. This means it features a plush drape while also maintaining the cooling, antimicrobial, and thermo-regulating benefits we love about bamboo lyocell.
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Rest easy when you sleep with us.
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We're super low maintenance.

Our products prefer a gentle, cold wash separately.
No fabric softener or any harsh detergent is needed.
Line dry them on a sunny day and voilà - fresh sheets for days!
Now, you may wonder, why don't we use cotton at all?
Why Not Cotton?
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